Belavi Design | about
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Belavi is a print design studio based on Valencia, Spain. We’re specialized in to create graphic, hand-painted illustrations and patterns to make common things more beautiful.


The artist and designer behind the studio is Víctor Querol: Víctor’s work is the result of a multidisciplinary learning process through fashion, fine arts and textiles. Her artistic talent has been cultivated through years in the fashion industry, by creating patterns for apparel, accessories and product lines, as well as designing her own prints for sale through a well-known print studio representative in EEUU.

The core of this studio is a commitment to creating quality handmade artwork based on our knowledge of fashion, textiles and fine arts. We pour heart and happiness into the designs and strive to do the best we can for your design needs. With that, our desire is that our work, with an attention to detail and design, will communicate to you that you are valued and worth it.


We aim to create by revealing the potential of a joyful spirit, by setting free the forgotten child that lies within all of us, honestly and without prejudices, figuring out new ways of expression, in a constant search for the non-existent yet, for the unexpected and surprising, the emotion of playing and enjoyment, enthusiasm, the might of colors and the naïve curiosity of innocence.

Patience, care, reflection, love for the detail, expertise are present in everything we do. We praise the spirit of the artisans, their workshops, the arts & crafts, handmade, the vernacular wisdom. By reinterpreting techniques and know-hows and suiting them to modernity, the inherited beauty, where we all depart from, is protected.


Painting and illustrating, playing and experiencing with textures and shades, releasing hand in an intuitive and boundless way. Thus the rivers of watercolors and inks are Laura’s most beloved way of expression, their randomness and inaccuracy, the inherent element of luck and surprise, making each work unrepeatable, each one a spontaneous order… Where colors flow.


We strive to work with companies who share our values, who would like to add inspiration, beauty and passion to their products.